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Milton Fire Reminding Residents to Check Their Smoke / CO Alarms

The Milton Fire Department is reminding residents that it is law to have properly installed and functioning smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

This message comes after two fines were given to local homeowners last fall in response to fire code violations.

In the first situation, Milton Fire responded to a call about a house fire from an overheated dishwasher, which caused $50,000 of damage.

Luckily, the tenants were not home at the time of the fire, because they did not have working smoke alarms.

The homeowner pled guilty to three fire code violations related to smoke and CO alarms, receiving $2,250 in fines.

In a second incident, Milton Fire received a safety complaint from a tenant in a basement apartment. Following an inspection, three Provincial Offences Notices were given for missing and non-functional smoke and CO alarms.

The homeowner pled guilty and received a $750 fine.

As a reminder, working smoke detectors are the only early warning you have to escape a fire in your home. CO alarms detect the ‘silent killer,’ warning residents when the invisible, odourless, colourless gas is present.

The Milton Fire Department is offering free assistance for home fire safety inspections through the Home Safe Home program.

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