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Mayor Krantz says MPP-Elect Gill is a Good Fit for Milton

The election may be in the rear view mirror, but at least one Miltonian is still looking forward.

Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz says while he doesn’t expect much earlier on from the 42nd legislative assembly of Ontario, he wants to know how Milton can benefit.


Mayor Krantz says he feels Gill will be good for Milton.


Mayor Krantz adds Gill will have big shoes to fill, as he feels Indira Naidoo-Harris stands out as one of the good politicians when it came to fighting for Miltonians.


Mayor Krantz says the views of Milton MPP elect Parm Gill align closely with his for the future of Milton.

He adds that over the last 38 years he’s had a chance to work with every MP and MPP in Milton, and he feels Indira Naidoo-Harris did a good job as MPP for Halton.

Mayor Krantz her defeat is less of an indicator of Miltonians feeling to her than it was about her party.

Mayor Krantz says he’s eager for the 42nd legislative assembly of Ontario to get to work, to see how Milton will be impacted when it comes to the Milton Education Village, the joint Laurier and Conestoga Campus, all day GO train service and housing for Milton.